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Sunday AM at EMBO

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2009 at 6:54 am

Getting ready for the first full day of EMBO 2009. Sunday mornings are quite the contrast here in Amsterdam. The chaotic symphony of bikes, motorcycles, cars and people fades to a quiet calm. Rather peaceful. I hope the show today contrasts that with swarms of folks looking for product.

<update 1:45 PM>

The show has been a bit slow this morning.  A few people with reasonable interest but not as many as we would have liked.  The Poster Sessions are this afternoon as well as lunch, both of which happen in the exhibit halls.  Hopefully that will help.  We’ll see.

On another note, it is clear that either the furniture here is not that well made or I put on too much weight this trip as I have now broken 2 of the 3 chairs in the booth by simply sitting on them.  I tried to blame it on poor quality construction.  Jeff doesn’t buy it.  In fact, he doesn’t think that the lunch staff should server me for my own good and the good of the rest of the furniture at the exhibition hall.  He’s probably right.


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